Tuesday, 15 July 2008

i never did get that sausage sandwich.

the weekend just past was supersonic. plan b were right, at least they were for the friday, it is an amazingly curated festival. this year saw supersonic move to a three day event. unfortunately i could only afford the friday, in fact i couldn't even afford that and i had to call on my good friend alex, of cutting pink with knives fame to get me in. well, i couldn't really afford to miss their last uk show & dalek in one night! i genuinely couldn't afford it.

a lot more people seemed to come out for the friday this time and there was a much better vibe as well, last year i remember it being a bit dark and tame and although acts like wolf eyes, kid 606, deadsunrising all delivered exactly what i hoped for and more, the night as a whole lacked something. this year it more than made up for that.
cutting pink opened the proceedings proclaiming that "we're the most fun you'll have all weekend, we're the only band that will smile" they weren't far off the mark in my books. it was always one going to be one of those occasions that would go really well and leave everyone on a huge high, or be ruined by chris and eddy's, at times, unrelenting arrogance and alex carelessly punishing the crowd with his flailing bass. fortunately for all of us, it was the former tonight. they played as tight as i've ever seen them (although not quite as good as dot to dot when curtis of doom patrol filled in on vocals), chris' on stage banter was an act all in it's own and most importantly the crowd really got involved and seemingly enjoyed thier last outing. a perfect way to kick off an evening that would see plenty of fun and frolics ensue.
dalek really stole the show for me though, my close friends are all pussies (& cassie stayed in to tidy her house!!!) so i ended up going on my own, i lost all the people i knew there and found myself near the front next to a huge group of guys dressed a doctors when dalek came onto the stage. i've been into them for a while now so am very familiar with the disgusting power of their sound, but nothing could have prepared me for how utterly mind blowing they were. it was like a wall of twisted gnarly electronic sound hitting you from the moment they started, oktopus created huge hip hop soundscapes and punishing industrial noise that perfectly accompanied the profound and insightful lyrics of dalek. in all it was a performance that had me surely annoying all those around me with my whole hearted enthusiasm. defiantly one of the best things i've seen this year.
a brilliant night followed which ended with me and the lovely chaps of rolo tomassi finishing it all off back at my place, that got a little messy for me and james but we shall not go into that now.

then saturday. after a delightful day of watching peep show and animal videos on youtube with the rolos and after my linda mccartney lasange, which i thought was sauasages when i picked them up in ruprai's, i had to depart for coventry and fez's birthday.
from that moment on i spent pretty much the whole weekend moping that i wasn't at supersonic. we went for a very below average chinese at dragon phoenix which cost me £14! scandal. then off to coventry's answer to the uprising of ex-indie kids' sudden need for new era and bass, vinyl is. as always i spent the whole time storming around with a face on, whinging to anyone who would listen, only this time i didn't even have a single drink in protest, so by the time london guests get me took to the 1 & 2's i really was at boiling point and probably the only sober person in the place & they didn't make matters any better with their awful display of mashing up (some)perfectly good tunes, overlapping of songs to disastrous effects, and general bad attitudes. the weekend died at that point and after some painful not sleeping on a landing, it was home to help cassie move out of her house, which was a very tiresome affair, but she bought me fish and chips to say thanks.

so yeah, cassie is now back in reading. which is mile aways from me. which sucks. but i have been making lot of tapes recently and am now half way through gentle friendly and completely finished with talibam! which should go on sale in the next few weeks. i'll do a post about that and other exciting news very soon. if you've read this far, urm, thank you? sorry? get a job.

i strongly advise you all to go liten to dalek. here is a start, www.myspace.com/dalek.

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