Sunday, 22 June 2008

malady and a untidy room

i'm up at 10:37 on a sunday, i can hear a whole host of other people shouting about my house that are clearly also up and not afraid to let anyone know. difference is, i've been to sleep and i feel quite fresh. i'm quite proud i actually stuck to my 'only having a few drinks' thing, i just wish someone would cook me some hash browns and eggs.
i decided last weekend i was going to go on a bit of detox after an episode in london left me phoneless and broke. credit where credit is due though and the foreign men in suits who danced up, stole my phone and then danced off without anyone being any the wiser, they definatly earnt their credit. it definatly wasn't about the coked up loon who pulled a knife on us in 333 though.
other than that the old blue last was, despite their efforts in attempting to massively screw us over, well okay i guess.

while down in the big smoke i did manage to run into some friends i met at atp back in may.
their names were noreen and phil and their friend marv, they were in a chalet near ours and had to suffer our horrible 4am attempts at djing, really loudly. sorry about that. on the saturday night the three of them were wondering about the venue 'looking for people who were sweating'. they said they saw me standing in the middle of the room on my own watching hot chip and well, if you know me then you'll be all to familiar with the squid, i was looking delightfully pleasent apparently. so after some very difficult exchanging of words and a two hour struggle to get me outside we gathered round the go-kart track and spent a few hours chatting about anything and everything. after conversation about dubstep i started telling them about the tapes and even acted out the story from the first comic about the dubstep swamp. i think they liked it? ha.
anyway after my performance phil and noreen told me that they'd like to sell my tapes, which is obviously always a good thing. they then told me that they manage rough trade records on brick lane!

YES, that's right and that story has a point. i bumped into noreen as i said and they actually do want to stock our tapes in their wonderful store. for those of you who have never been to rough trade it's basically the best record shop in london, if not the u.k. i don't think i've ever been in their and been able to resist buying something, so naturally to have our little tapes sold in there is such great news for us. i couldn't be happier about it. i'll let you all know when they're in.

in other tape related news, the talibam! tapes are all but finished. we're justing sorting out the last of the artwork but we're coming out of the winning end of a 2 month struggle to get them all ready. it really is a very time consuming affair, cutting, sticking, rewinding, recording, etc etc. we might do an actual release date this time and send some off to magazines and what not, either way they'll be available in the next two weeks or so. so save a few pennies.

they're are plenty of other exiciting things i could talk about but i've bored you long enough now. although, if you're about melt banana and mirror! mirror! are playing the hare & hounds this evening which fortunatly for me is literally at the bottom of my street. brilliant.

enjoy your roasts.

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