Wednesday, 11 June 2008

the 45 at 19.14

the monday bus home made me happy to be alive again. i am a fan of people watching, but after 8 hours working straight off the weekend, my eyes gave me no choice but to stare. across from me, a middle aged italian man placed a whole pack of tunes in an elderly asian woman's hands, stopping her coughing enough to return the same massive smile he had on his face. a burly irish football fanatic sat himself down next to a young school girl, and within a couple of stops she was tutoring him on his new 'fancy fangled phone' (his words). at the front of the bus a chinese woman was falling asleep, and as she did she kept leaning on the stranger next to her. after a couple of awkward shifts in his seat, the suited man just let her lean. behind me a couple were kissing and as i stood up to leave, the boy said to the girl, 'your lips feel like fluffy cushions'.

i did that skippy walk thing home.

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