Wednesday, 30 July 2008

"lick your lips & shake your hips"

it's now only two days away from the last tuck shop we'll be doing at rooty's, for the foreseeable future at least. this has nothing to do with branching away from the modestly sized venue, we always have and always will love rootys but due other commitments we just don't feel that we're be able to give the night the attention it deserves right now.
fear not though, we will be back on august 15th and once a month thereafter at 444 club @ the rainbow as well as some other projects in the pipe-lines which we'll tell you about very soon.

for now though, make sure you get down to the custard factory nice and early this saturday to get your share in all the fun. say what you will about tuck shop, and it certainly has caused conflicting opinions with the bands we've put on, you can't say we haven't brought something exciting and refreshing to the plate of birmingham's sometimes repetitive night life. so get yourself down for one last dose of the magic you helped us create.
here is the flyer & a link to tuck shop:

in other news, nisennenmondai is tomorrow, i'll be meeting them early on in the day to chaperon them and make sure they get the venue safe and sound. after their set i'm having to make haste to rootys to dj @ discord, an experimental electronica/techno/dub night at which i'm mashing up all kinds of electronica and noise. if you fancy that, it's £3 and starts at 10pm.

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