Friday, 23 May 2008

fruitella arms.

hello yule, welcome to our chocolate log.

this is going to be a place where cassie & i can collectively share with you our adventures and thoughts, both related to stop scratching & not so related to stop scratching but hopefully still as fun.

a lot has been happening to us recently & thus we've not really had the time to keep the news flow constant so we'll just fill you in on what's happening in brief.

on the tape side of things, talibam!'s tapes are all done and we're just in the process of making them all up. we met kevin and matt a few weeks ago at the stop scratching launch party (which was an incredible night, thanks to everyone who came) and it's a pleasure to be working with such fine gentlemen.

we have all the tracks from gentle friendly now & i can honestly say it's some of the best new material i've heard this year so far, so keep an eye out for that! doom patrol have finished all of their material, we're just waiting to meet up with them to collect the cd-r.

the most important bit today really is that we've been drinking lots of pear cider and smoking lots of cassies dad's tobacco & having lots of fun in order to think up some new comics for the tapes which has gone unsuprisingly well.

here is a picture of a cat & a deer to keep you going:

thank you for reading, please keep checking back soon for interesting news about shops & books & cats & deers.

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