Tuesday, 27 May 2008

clocks always stuck telling 11:11

so, i finally got round to popping my long overdue dot to dot cherry. despite being just as poor as the previous times i've missed out on it due to being to poor, it was definitely worth the interest i'm going to get charged on my credit card in order to eat & drink.
firstly a huge kudos to everyone who undoubtedly worked so hard in order to make the event the success that it was, i can't even begin to comprehend the amount of hard work that went into making it all happen.

while the line up was not entirely my cup of the tea i did actually get to see the majority of the bands that i set out with the intention of watching & then some.
the last minute addition of ex-models really set the bar quite high in terms of live performances but each band i saw throughout the duration of saturday, were somehow able to clear it with ease until it all ended with a big 3am dance-a-thon to heartbreak, which superbly finished off the festival side of things for me.

then sunday came. a combination of wet, cold, windy weather, a sleepless night and the shockingly intolerant behaviour of the stealth bouncers brought the bar crashing back to earth with such ferocity not even telepahte or we are wolves could lift the mood. that is until 3am again, when for one reason or another i finally got my second wind, just in time for a-trak to play the best dj set of the weekend i then managed to power through until 10 and truly made the most of the brilliance of nottingham and it's (mostly) amazing inhabitants. thank you all.

i'll be doing some journalist type sentences about it all very soon, but they're going to be saved for something else, which we will be telling you all about over the next day or so.

while we're here though i do have some stop scratching related news to tell you all about, after meeting chupacabra (http://www.myspace.com/wearechupacabra) again in nottingham this weekend and after seeing them live earlier this week when they supported aids wolf at our gig on wednesday night, we're very happy to welcome them to the loving embrace of the stop scratching family.
we shall be working along side lauren (ex-dreamburger), charleigh (ex-lost penguin) and jack over the next few months to create a tape, which should hopefully be out end of the summer.
if you haven't already heard or seen them you can listen to a demo track on their page which will give an idea of their sound which certainly is one that will fit right with what we are doing at the moment.
they fuse together a combination of huge pounding drums, twisted eerie electronics, punk-inspired drone riffs and my bloody valentine esq wailing vocals to create something in the vein of health crossed with wrangler brutes only in thier own unique way & they're amazingly fun people to boot, so what more could we ask for?

anyway, that's enough for now.
thanks, benjamin.

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