Wednesday, 20 August 2008


the postman brought me this this morning. it was so big it wouldn't even fit through the letter box, those are the kind of books i want to be spending my money on.
i was first made aware of the works of alexander shulgin after a conversation on chemical substances and the possibility of creating your own. this is exactly what shulgin has done created and experimented with different types of mind altering drugs and the effect that they have on the human unconcious in differing doses.
the book is part a glimpse at an altered state of consciousness through the creation and consumption of the substances and part opportunity to be acquainted with the shulgin's through the medium of story telling, which is based on their experiences when on these drugs. from the snippets i've read online it is a compelling and wonderfully written tale of their love for each other and their adventures into the mind.
writing of this subject matter, even for scientific research and study is now illegal and so this book is kind of the bible to the world of psychedelic literature. i'll let you know how it pans out.

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